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Ideas helping the Collector maintain value

Create an Inventory

You can use a spreadsheet, or inventory management system but document your collection and keep it up to date. Photograph your collection from multiple angles including the back and include purchase receipts this will help expedite a claim in the event of a loss. Cloud based platforms will maintain this information and protect it from loss.

Maintain All Paperwork

Your piece's provenance or history of ownership is essential to its value and helps establishes a clear title should legal challenges occur. Keep all paper work related to your purchase including receipts, artists brochures, artist statements and any certificates of authenticity. Store purchase receipts in a safe location separate from the collection itself.

Keep Insurance Policies Up To Date

Although standard homeowner's insurance policies address losses to the home itself and its general contents, they don't typically provide adequate coverage for artwork. This is sometimes done with an insurance rider specifically covering your art collection. It is best to check with your insurance company or insurance broker.

Protect and Preserve

High value collections deserve the best protection possible use security systems and make your security is visible, maintain a controlled climate, install artwork away from windows which helps prevent UV fading. If you have household staff, repair men, and contractors conduct background checks.  If you have occasion to store your collection or portions there-of use fine-art storage facilities that utilize security guards and visit regularly.

Update Appraisals

Some art market segments can change value relatively quickly. Different types of appraisals use different value conclusions, for estates or donations "Market Value” is used which presumes the transfer of property while insurance appraisals use "Replacement Value" which is typically the highest value placed on an item. 

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